20th August 2017

6 things to keep in mind to get fit

By Jinal Gada


Being a chubby girl since childhood, I am in constant struggle of being fit. Read about my fitness journey here. These are some ways that worked for me.

1. Have an aim:

You must find an aim to get fit and lose that extra weight. You need to find why you want to get into the new you. It could be anything from fitting into that dress to being fit enough to play with your baby, wedding in the family, become thin to match your hubby or just to be fit and ditch that thyroid, pcos etc. My aim to lose weight is to match up with my dear hubby as he is on the leaner side.

2. Break your aim in to short term goals:

Breaking your aim into short term goals helps you achieve results. It gives motivation when you achieve your results. Your goal can be reaching some weight in so and so months, some occasion in the family and so on. My last goal was to reach 70 kgs till march end as I had a wedding in the family in April. And believe me I reached it only because I had that goal in mind. My next goal was to reach 65 till July end. I didn’t reach 65 but reached 66.

3. Mindful clean eating:

I have already shared I had been to a dietician to lose my extra weight before my wedding. They do super work but over the years I have learnt that it’s not dieting its diet that’s important so having a balanced diet and making some life style change is the key. We need to work on what you eat. Increase natural food, increase your protein intake, reduce processed food, eat everything in small portions, drink lots of water. Now everyone says the same but this is what it is. Don’t follow for 3 months follow for life.

4. Have a buddy:

The best partner can be your spouse. But if he/she keeps busy ask a friend. If that too doesn’t work have an online buddy. Now I have online buddies we have a what’s app group where we post our pictures post workout and share our meal plans. This will keep you accountable and you will go for it just bcoz you must post it there.

5. Measure yourself every fortnight:

Numbers cannot be the only target. At times, you may not lose any weight but loose on inches. This happens when you eat good protein rich food and lose your fats. This will keep you updated. Body measurements will help you know which area you need to work and weight will keep motivate you to work more.

6. Exercise:

The most important thing is exercising. Exercise keeps your metabolism high. Try and at least do 30 minutes of exercise every day or at least 4-5 times a week. If you have a very busy schedule then you may take stairs, walk wherever possible, workout on weekends. Any kind of workout is helpful so don’t think just two days is not gonna help.

Please note I am not a fitness expert. I am sharing this with my personal experience.