16th June 2020

All you want to know about bio enzyme. DIY – Liquid Cleanser

By Jinal Gada

Bio enzyme is a sustainable liquid cleanser. Its the best sustainable product I have ever found. It can be used in so many different ways.

Some months back I attended a workshop on how to make bio enzyme and started my first batch just before the lock down started. Now I have some bottles ready to use which I use for various purpose. I will share below the uses. One jar is almost ready and two other jars have started some days back. I am in love with it and already got some more jars from my mom to make more batches.

How to make Bio Enzyme?

The most simplest recipe ever.


  • 1 part of Jaggery
  • 3 parts of Citrus Peels
  • 10 Parts of Water.

Basically The ratio should be 1:3:10. So use a common tool to measure all the three ingredients and take in the ratio of 1:3:10.

For example: Take any cup/ bowl from your house, then fill the cup with jaggery and keep it aside. Now use the same cup and measure lemon peels but this time three cups of it. And then keep the peels aside and using the same cup and take water 10 times.


Mix all together in a plastic jar which has a lid which you can turn and open – not the tupperware style lid. A lid like the Bisleri or soda bottles have. See that you keep some space in the jar as the microbes in it will form gas and you will need space for this gas.

Keep this for 90 days. For around 15 days – just open it once every alternate day to release gas. Its all trial and error. For my batch, I had to hardly open it. But thats the rule. so you observe how much gas its forming and accordingly release.

To make the process faster use yeast. In Warm water add some dry yeast and activate and then add in the jar. This will make bio enzyme ready in 45 days.

Once your first batch is ready, use one part of the peels from this batch for your next batch, this will also speed up the process due to activated microbes.

How to check or know its ready? 

  1. All the citrus peels will come down when its ready.
  2. Try washing your toilet with it, if you think its cleaning then its ready.


bio enzyme recipe

How and for what to use bio enzyme?

I use bio enzyme for the following:

Washing Toilets:

I have found bio enzyme to be such a fantastic cleanser for washing toilets. It cleans the toilet just like your Harpic or anyother liquid cleanser would.

I use the bio enzyme liquid as it is to wash toilets for most times. Sometimes, I like to add Reetha/ soap nut water to it.

So if you like those foam and want to see foam while washing the toilets, then add Reetha water. But it washes toilets beautifully without that.

Floor cleanser:

I simply add bio-enzyme to my bucket of water to clean the floor and it helps in keeping insects, pests away. Very good for the rainy season.


Bio enzyme can be added the DIy-Herbal shampoo. This will help the shampoo to remain outside without refrigeration and also act as a conditioner.


I use it with Reetha / soap nut liquid in my washing machine to wash clothes too.


I am still not very happy but quite satisfactory to use soap nut liquid and bio-enzyme to wash vessels. I am working on the dishwasher. I am hoping to find success.


If you dilute and add it to plants, it helps plants grow well. Its a natural pesticide and fertilizer.

The above are my tried and tested uses.

Some other uses are:

  1. Vegetable/ pesticide cleanser
  2. Air purifier – I am soon going to try this.
  3. Breaks down grease from utensils. I haven’t still found much success in this.
  4. Clean taps and pipes
  5. De-clogs drains.

How much does the DIY Liquid Cleanser cost? 

For me up till now it has costed zero. The only cost involved is of jaggery and I used jaggery which was spoilt. So yes, you can use spoiled jaggery too. Lemon peels can be stored in a container in refrigerator and then used. Simply go to any lemon juice guy near by and ask him to give you lemon peels. He will be very very happy to share it with you.

So the liquid cleanser costs hardly anything and hence its so minimalist, sustainable and good for the environment.

So go and start making your bio enzyme now.

I have tried explaining in details as much as I could think of. But I am sure there still would be some doubts. Leave your doubts in the comments below as I am planning to make FAQ post on bio enzyme after this.