6th June 2019

An experience of real living – #nomadliving #banzaresoul #caravan2019

By Jinal Gada

It’s just very recent that I got to know about off grid living, Van house and many more alternative living and I shared with my husband how amazing I felt about that life. But with a husband who has a different mindset – I knew this wasn’t happening with me. But bolte hai na dil se chao toh khuda bhi mil jaata hai. Bus wahi hua.

A friend messaged me a link of the Banzare Souls caravan. I checked their fb page immediately called the number given on the page and enquired on things happening and was told there is no plan, it’s not a tour, it’s an experience an experience of learning and sharing. This is what I have experienced. A rich living experience.

K climbing the mountains

This caravan experience has grown Khevaansh physically for sure but internally how much it has impacted his heart and mind is beyond my imagination. The experience has brought into his awareness how beautiful nature is and how learning takes place through experiences.

We have been doing activities that were unplanned. Children are left free to play around like buzzing bees. Mountains become their parks, fields their playground. The touch of soil is the love of mother earth and the sky above their roof.

We cooked food for more than 20 people in limited vessels. This taught us how to survive minimalist. Sharing our meals by eating from the same plate with an unknown and known taught us how life is simple and without any pride and prejudice. We are all equal irrespective of our caste, Creed or religion. This beautiful feeling of humanity and equality builds in pride , love and respect for humans around. The non- jains ate Jain food too. #communityliving

Cooking meals together

@cosmica became our mentor and we learnt thread work from her. The children in the villages also joined us. The art of handicraft was learnt in a natural environment.


A local child from the village doing the thread work


@Premfakira and @vishal played beautiful music. The serenity of the environment, scenic beauty and melodious music was like food to the soul. We meditated, danced and simply listened deeply through out. At times we used to doze off peacefully listening to it. We danced on the traditional songs of the ghadwalis with the local girls.

Music at caravan 2019

The experience did not end here. All the kiddos joined @amit for painting and gained such a rich experience. The not so artist people too loved the walls painted by them. His motive is rangaon to colour and beautify villages.

K painting the walls of the school

Exposure to a farm is one of the richest experience you can gift your child. It’s very important to know how we attain our sources of survival. I feel blessed and grateful for being able to gift this experience to Khevaansh. The kids played in the farm, helped the farmers and simply observed the Bullock cart ploughing. The touch and feel of the mother earth is overwhelming.

The places we are visiting are rich in their traditions, culture and beauty (plz note we did not visit any tourist places – they were simple very small villages) The host were kind hearted and hospitality is at it’s supreme (simple but with open hearts) . I sincerely thank @poorvamaa and @baba, @ranjan,@omprakashji for hosting us.

Working on the fields


There were places where we didn’t have any host. The place we lived in wasn’t comfortable but the living experience was the best in those places. We learnt how to survive without bathing for two three days. We learnt how to urinate excavate in the jungles. Modiji se Maafi mangli humne ?. Infact it’s the most sustainable way to urinate or excavate.

Personally, the entire experience so far has given me immense power physically, mentally and emotionally. There was a moment I bursted out crying for a demand not being fulfilled. But in due course I realized the Goodwill and intention behind it. This vent of emotion was also a learning experience. I realised my own strengths and weaknesses. I learnt tolerance and perseverance. I learnt to evolve myself by overcoming the little hindrances of life which no longer matter when you turn the page of your experience one step back.

Physically I have become stronger too. Travelling with two kids and my brother has not been an easy task. I climbed mountains carrying my toddler. We had booked tickets on Tatkal basis, went to an unknown place to meet unknown people. Travelled in local buses and other local transport. But I still say there was joy in doing all of this.Loved to know how comfortable I could be in the most discomfortable circumstances.

When the gang sits peacefully

Tours are for tourists. And I love all the tours I made too. I wouldn’t say this is the best tour I ever had. Bcoz this is not a tour for me. It’s an experience of life that teaches you how beautiful our world is and how tiny a space we occupy in it. Learning is not subjected to books only. Learning is exploring what nature has in store to offer us. This experience has added a lot of value in my life and I am sure that it has been an equally enriching experience for my toddler too.

Heartfelt Gratitude to @premfakira and @banzaresoul for giving me this memorable learning experience of a lifetime. ???