29th January 2018

Baby Wearing and its Benefits

By Jinal Gada

Baby wearing has been my favourite experience of mothering. I absolutely love it and will promote it forever. This post is for all those who want to know why I think baby wearing is too good.  

Baby wearing is a technique where your baby is held close to you or the other parent in a sling. A baby can be worn from the time he is born. I started baby wearing when K was just 10 days old. I was actually waiting for his umbilical cord to drop off. There are different types of carriers and brand to choose from. I would suggest using an ergonomic carrier as its the best way to hold your baby.

Breastfeeding in the carrier

Just when your baby is growing, you would like to take him on walks or other errands. Sometimes you would want to tag him along with your shopping too! Carrying your baby in your arms can be pretty difficult, as their growing weight can put a lot of pressure on your back, shoulders and arms. Additionally, babies can be quite naughty and may wriggle out of your control easily.

Is there a fix for this? Yes of course! One of the best workaround solutions for this is baby wearing.

Sharing some positive benefits too baby wearing on my baby and me.

Benefits of Baby Wearing

 It provided me the benefit of being allowed to carry on normal daily routines without any distractions or disturbances. Listed below are some positive benefits that I experienced by baby wearing.

1} Increased intimacy between me and baby

When I carried my baby in the hybrid wrap or carrier, I held him close to me. Baby wearing promoted an intimate connection between my baby and me. Baby wearing also calms down fussy babies and allow parents to respond to their baby’s needs immediately which in turn reduces frustration and stress.

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2} Baby naps are undisturbed

There is a high chance that your baby may doze off while you are out. Carrying your baby in yours arms may disturb his naps and he may get agitated. This was the same case with my baby too. Mr. Ks naps were never disturbed as he was always carried in a wrap or carrier.

Baby naps while mom climbs a pilgrimage

3} Helped me lose weight

Losing weight was like an unimaginable dream, because I simply couldn’t go out to exercise leaving my baby alone. But the impossible became possible with baby wearing. I could go out on long walks and remain fit with my baby close to me all the time. Baby wearing help me achieve the dream of losing weight. Thankfully, I reached my pre – pregnancy weight with in a year of giving birth inspite of having the tendency to gain weight easily.

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4} Promotes mental, physical and emotional development

A baby wrap or carrier keeps your baby snug and in a comfortable and correct position.  Baby wearing also develops your baby mentally and emotionally as they get the warmth and security by staying close to you or the other parent.

Enjoying an event with mommy

5} Makes parenting easier

Last but not the least, baby wearing makes parenting a whole lot easier. As a mother, it helped me get all my errands and routine work done without any hindrances. Additionally parents with one more child will greatly benefit from baby wearing as it allows parent to give due attention to both children.

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One of the most effective and simplest aspects of parenting is baby wearing. I am pleased to say that I have experienced many positive benefits from this and would recommend the same to all parents. If you are thinking along the same lines, go and grab yourself a baby carrier now.  

You can feel free to leave in your doubts in the comments below, will be happy to help!