19th September 2017

Benefits of Co-Sleeping

By Jinal Gada


When I was pregnant I read that babies either sleep with their parents in their room known as co sleeping or sleep in another room since birth.

I chose co–sleeping for my baby.

Ways of co-sleeping:

  1. Parent’s Bed: Baby shares the parents bed.
  2. Attached Crib: A extension or crib is attached to the parent’s bed which is open from one side facing the bed, so that the baby and the mother has access to one another. (I have this one)
  3. Separate Bed: The baby sleeps in a different bed in the same room.

Certain Benefits of co-sleeping:

  1. Easy access to #Mrk (my son) made it easy for me to put him to sleep again immediately.


  1. Except for the initial 40 days where the feeding sessions were long followed by poop and pee, I almost fed him drowsing (almost sleeping). The benefit here was I could get back to sleep easily as I was in half sleep even while feeding him.


  1. Breastfeeding is easier. Now that he is almost 14 months, it’s even more easier.


  1. He feels secured.


  1. I feel there are less hassles during bed time.


  1. Worked for me as I have less space at home.


  1. I could monitor him well during illness.


  1. Reduces the risk of SIDS.


  1. He never had nighttime separation anxiety.


  1. There are rare chances of a fall from bed. I am saying rare because we had one.


  1. It gives his dad some more time to be with him. Most mornings are night are full of cuddles.


  1. Its lovely to wake up next to you baby. In my case, he wakes me up with that broad smile.


  1. If you are a working mom, it gives you some more time with the baby.


  1. There are no chances of poop staying over in the diaper especially in the early days.


  1. A fussy child may sleep better.

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