16th April 2021

Loose weight eating everything.

Loose weight while eating everything? Looks like I’m joking right. How can somebody loose weight while eating everything. No, not at all, its very much possible. Healthy eating is key to health. Its important to eat the right food bla bla bla. We have all heard this from parents, friends, nutritionist, doctors and not to forget social media. I am also going to say the […]

16th June 2020

All you want to know about bio enzyme. DIY – Liquid Cleanser

Bio enzyme is a sustainable liquid cleanser. Its the best sustainable product I have ever found. It can be used in so many different ways. Some months back I attended a workshop on how to make bio enzyme and started my first batch just before the lock down started. Now I have some bottles ready to use which I use for various purpose. I will […]

27th May 2020

Vegan Mango Ice cream – Refined Sugar free, Quick and Easy.

Vegan mango ice cream is the best ice cream to enjoy in this season of mangoes. Anyone who loves mango will love this ice cream. I have been wanting to make this vegan mango ice cream since I made vegan-vanilla-ice-cream . In fact, I attempted at making it once before too but wasn’t successful. This one that I am sharing today came out super good and […]

21st May 2020

Online Affirmations Workshop

  “We get about 50000 thoughts a day, 60% of those are negative and self critical. Negativity is dark and strong, sucks you right in. That’s where the power of affirmations work. As a stroke survivor, plant based lifestyle advocate and a hands on mother to vegan children, there are constant negative remarks and comments that are made about your lifestyle and your children’s upbringing. […]

18th May 2020

Learning – Outcome or process ? What making a mask made us realise

Learning is an outcome or process? Making a Mask made us realise what it is. Read on to know. This is not a post where I share how to make a spider man mask. It’s on how the process went. From deciding to doing and then reflecting. The three steps I learnt while doing self direct learning at home by @aarohi_life_education .  Planning for the next […]

16th May 2020

Vegan Chocolate Ice-cream Recipe | Sugarfree | Oil free | Nut free

Vegan Chocolate ice-cream has been our (Khevaansh and Mine) favourite ever since I turned Vegan. We bought creams from vegan heart almost every fortnight. But frankly, it becomes expensive and I kept trying making my own too. I had learnt it from Sharan Team too when I did a workshop with them but didn’t quite succeed. Now I finally I could make vegan chocolate Ice-cream […]

16th May 2020

Vegan Vanilla Ice-Cream – Raw Vegan | Refined Sugar Free

Vegan Vanilla ice-cream makes me feels nostalgic. Vanilla ice-cream was the only ice-cream I had as a child. A cup of ice-cream brought so much joy to me. This Vanilla Ice-cream works best as a replacer. I love it because it is. refined sugar free too. Its just too amazing because its vegan, its raw, its creamy and just too good. It can be consumed […]

13th May 2020

Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe – refined sugarfree, oil free

Vegan chocolate cake has been my favourite guilt free cake ever. I can enjoy it over and over without any guilt. For my husbands birthday I baked a vegan chocolate cake and everyone literally loved it. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much but I was hoping they like it. But my husband literally told me, this time your cake is amazing. The only reason for this […]

5th May 2020

Power of Positive Affirmations – How When and Why to do it?

An affirmation is really anything you say or think. A lot of what we normally say and think is quite negative and doesn’t create good experiences for us. We have to retain our thinking and speaking into positive patterns if we want to change our lives. An affirmation opens the door to bring this change. Through affirmations you are actually saying to your sub-conscious mind […]

2nd May 2020

Green Smoothie – How to make one? The quickest and healthiest meal.

Green smoothie is one of the healthiest breakfast you can have as your first meal of the day. Here I am sharing with you recipe of a green smoothie that I love.  It is the right seasonal to try this green smoothie. But at the end I will also share how to make other green smoothies. Making green smoothies just too easy. Its one of […]