19th September 2017

Benefits of Co-Sleeping

CO–SLEEPING When I was pregnant I read that babies either sleep with their parents in their room known as co sleeping or sleep in another room since birth. I chose co–sleeping for my baby. Ways of co-sleeping: Parent’s Bed: Baby shares the parents bed. Attached Crib: A extension or crib is attached to the parent’s bed which is open from one side facing the bed, […]

14th September 2017

Review : Baby’s Castle

Your baby isn’t even ready to walk and you take her for a swim session. People may think you are crazy. I would say yes, I am crazy. I took Mr. K for a swim session to Baby’s castle at Santcruz in Mumbai on 27/4/17. Mr. K was 8 month old. Baby’s castle is the first and only wellness centre in India. It is ideal […]

4th September 2017

Review : Sebamed Extra Soft Baby Wash

Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience. And by default all Tobe parents want to make their parenting journey also beautiful without any problems and errors. It was the same with us, and so I wanted all the necessary things required for my baby ready before I deliver. So the research on what shampoo to use, which wash to use was on. Read : What Goes […]

2nd September 2017

Introduction to Modern Cloth Diapers

Seeing my Instagram stories, You might know by now that we use a cloth diapers and love it. Though we don’t exclusively cloth diaper but use it on most days. My first set of Modern Cloth Diapers (MDC) came from Shruti from Waah Baby Cloth Diapers. There were many options available to buy from. Infact, I had started researching and understanding cloth diapers before delivering […]

20th August 2017

6 things to keep in mind to get fit

  Being a chubby girl since childhood, I am in constant struggle of being fit. Read about my fitness journey here. These are some ways that worked for me. 1. Have an aim: You must find an aim to get fit and lose that extra weight. You need to find why you want to get into the new you. It could be anything from fitting […]

18th August 2017

My fitness Journey – As a mom and otherwise

Most moms worry about getting fit and losing weight postpartum. I share my story of fitness here to help you girls. 2003 – 2007 : I have always been a chubby girl. I was always called moti (fat) by my friends in my school days. once I joined college, I knew I must do something but since I am a foodie dieting wasn’t my cup […]

25th May 2017

Already in my heart someday in my arms: A story of conception

  Every story ends with a moral, I begin mine with one – there is no battle undying faith and mental positivity cannot win. Like every other girl, I always wanted to conceive before I turn 25 as its considered the most prevalent age as per the Indian standards. We wanted to go for an international trip before we dive in to parenthood. Everything went […]

29th April 2017

10 things while attending a wedding with an infant

Babies aren’t very easy ṭo handle while you are traveling out. So, when it comes to attending a wedding with a baby a mother becomes worrisome. When it’s our close family, friend’s wedding we must attend one. it is rightly said, “Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” Richard Cushing Planning ahead is a key. This works even otherwise. Planning well in […]

24th April 2017

My experience of attending a wedding with an infant

  Family weddings are too much fun. I am a total social freak so I love any social occasions and get together, be it in my in-laws, my mother’s family or friends I love it and enjoy it all… Today Mr k attended the first wedding with my in laws.  He attended his fuiyas(fathers sister) wedding. Indian Weddings means function for three four days. So, […]