4th April 2018

Cashew Cheese – The simplest recipe for making cheese #VeganCheese

By Jinal Gada

I have always been a chubby girl and food control was the only way which helped me stay fit (read lean). I Never ate more than 20 cashews in a year because people told me that cashew gives rise to cholesterol and its fattening and things like that.

When I turned in to vegan, I was educated by people that cholesterol is produced by liver and cashews don’t have any liver ┬áto produce any cholesterol. Now I eat cashews without any fear and relish them. Please note, one must not have more than 10 nuts in a day.

Here I present to you my favourite guilt free vegan cashew cheese:

Its the simplest thing to make. Even a person who has never cooked can make it easily. It requires no cooking.

What you will need:

One cup of cashews

One cup of water

A blender


Soak Cashews in water for 3 hrs to 8 hrs depending on the time you have. soaking 3 hours will also do fine.

Remove water from the cashews and blend it with little to no water. (use as less as possible )

What you get is called the cashew cream. To turn in to a cheese, put the cream in glass jar or bowl and let it ferment for 8 to 10 hours depending on the climate.

P:S – Use a large bowl or jar, otherwise you will see all the fermented cheese coming out of the jar.

After some hours you would see net kind of thing in the cream, thats a sign your cheese is ready.

Add salt as required and tadaa your cheese is ready.

You can keep the cheese and cream in the refrigerator for 8 days.

Isn’t this super cool?

I use this cheese in pizzas, sandwiches, pastas and for salad dressing.

Will you like to give this a try? What would you use this cheese for?


So, this post is a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge. I am going to write for the entire month of April and yes its my first time. I am totally excited and would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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