Category: Learning

18th May 2020

Learning – Outcome or process ? What making a mask made us realise

Learning is an outcome or process? Making a Mask made us realise what it is. Read on to know. This is not a post where I share how to make a spider man mask. It’s on how the process went. From deciding to doing and then reflecting. The three steps I learnt while doing self direct learning at home by @aarohi_life_education .  Planning for the next […]

16th November 2018

How A Toddler Mom Battled Cancer

I met Rucha through the Mumbai sling libraries fitness group – a group with inspiring people focused towards better health. She posted about why she couldn’t workout today or how she felt after working out. This inspired many and I wanted to know her story. I was thrilled after listening to her story and asked her if I could share it with you people and […]

14th June 2018

Free Play and It’s Importance

“He keeps playing by himself”, “He is a sweet boy, doesn’t make much trouble”, “He is independent”, is what I often hear people say about my little boy. People wonder what makes him so independent and play all by himself. If you have been following me closely, you might have noticed how much free play time I give my son. He loves exploring his new […]