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2nd August 2021

Loose weight eating everything.

Loose weight while eating everything? Looks like I’m joking right. How can somebody loose weight while eating everything. No, not at all, its very much possible. Healthy eating is key to health. Its important to eat the right food bla bla bla. We have all heard this from parents, friends, nutritionist, doctors and not to forget social media. I am also going to say the […]

16th June 2020

All you want to know about bio enzyme. DIY – Liquid Cleanser

Bio enzyme is a sustainable liquid cleanser. Its the best sustainable product I have ever found. It can be used in so many different ways. Some months back I attended a workshop on how to make bio enzyme and started my first batch just before the lock down started. Now I have some bottles ready to use which I use for various purpose. I will […]

21st May 2020

Online Affirmations Workshop

  “We get about 50000 thoughts a day, 60% of those are negative and self critical. Negativity is dark and strong, sucks you right in. That’s where the power of affirmations work. As a stroke survivor, plant based lifestyle advocate and a hands on mother to vegan children, there are constant negative remarks and comments that are made about your lifestyle and your children’s upbringing. […]

28th April 2020

Intermittent Fasting Talk – Registration

Intermittent fasting has been a boon to my health. It can be a book to your health too. Join me for this talk to gain health. The talk includes: What is intermittent fasting? Why you should do it? How to do it? Tips and Tricks My personal experience – what difficulties I faced and how I overcame them.  A lifetime whats app group with like […]

22nd April 2020

Vegan? Why I became one? Should you too? Effects of becoming a Vegan?

Turning vegan was my first experience with True Health, read on to know why I took the decision of tuning vegan and what effects it had? Three years back, around April, I attended a session organised by JAMMS and conducted by SHARAN. I went to this workshop as the title said, “Weight Loss and Health Gain“.I was very happy and excited. Anything related to health & weight interests […]

14th August 2019

Diy – Herbal Shampoo Recipe for beautiful hair

DIY-Herbal shampoo has always been my mind ever since I was in college. I always wanted to do away with. chemical loaded shampoo and make my own Diy-Herbal Shampoo.  I have good hair thanks to my mom. She also has very good Hair which is passed on to me. I love my hair and always took care of it. When I was a teenager, I […]

1st August 2019

All you want to know about Menstrual cups.

  Menstrual cups is one of the best thing that has happened to me. I wish more and more women convert to cups and I feel happy to share I have already helped a few convert and they have come and thanked me. After I did an Instagram post on menstrual cups, many people came and asked me question on how, when, where about it? […]