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27th August 2018

Why I am aspiring to be a minimalist?

  Never in my life, I had believed I would write something on minimalism.   As a child, I think I was a minimalist, because we didn’t buy any extra clothes and bought only once a year. We used these clothes to wear when we went out, then used it for home wear – then as pajamas if they were comfortable kind and then donated […]

13th August 2018

Nasal Congestion – A nightmare for parents

  You can’t change the ocean or the weather, no matter how hard you try. So it’s best to learn how to sail in all conditions I feel this is true for all mothers especially when their little ones are just exposed for the first time to the changing seasons in a year. I can never forget the first monsoons experienced by my little man […]

15th May 2018

Benefits of yoga and meditation on our mind

I have always been a chubby girl and gaining weight is like a cake walk for me lol. in my pregnancy too, I gained a whooping weight of 20 kgs and I was sure to reduce it after my delivery. 50 days post delivery I started yoga with a very trained and well experienced yoga guru. She helped me gain all the energy and positiveness […]

10th May 2018

The Goodness of Nature in a Bottle – by Amway

Today, owing to hectic lifestyle people lead, being health conscious has become the latest mantra. I try my best to keep myself fit and healthy. Lately, following veganism is the healthiest choice I have made for life. During these past few months I have noticed the benefits of leading a vegan lifestyle are immense. For a long and sustainable life, you must take all measures […]

29th November 2017

Health care app – Zoctr

Technology is doing wonders in each field. Medical is not left behind in any way in terms of technology. At a single call, you have doctors at home, pathologists for blood test and much more. Would you like something just at your finger tip? An app that helps you as a health partner? So further growing in to technology we have an app that does […]

20th August 2017

6 things to keep in mind to get fit

  Being a chubby girl since childhood, I am in constant struggle of being fit. Read about my fitness journey here. These are some ways that worked for me. 1. Have an aim: You must find an aim to get fit and lose that extra weight. You need to find why you want to get into the new you. It could be anything from fitting […]

18th August 2017

My fitness Journey – As a mom and otherwise

Most moms worry about getting fit and losing weight postpartum. I share my story of fitness here to help you girls. 2003 – 2007 : I have always been a chubby girl. I was always called moti (fat) by my friends in my school days. once I joined college, I knew I must do something but since I am a foodie dieting wasn’t my cup […]