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20th August 2018

I feed My Child What I Eat

  There comes a phase, where every baby has to be weaned off breast milk and given solid food to meet his nutritional requirements. Doctors generally advise to start solids after babies turn 6 months old. It was time to wean my son out and start him on solids. I received numerous suggestions on how to feed, what to feed, and how much to feed […]

11th March 2018

Insights on Facts and Myths on Thyroid: Creating an awareness

Let me share a story of a friend before I begin with the factual knowledge Being happily married for a year, she and her hubby thought it was time to take their family forward and bring a joy of life in this world. But uncertainty struck them when they were not conceiving. Her menstrual cycles were irregular and she started putting on oodles of weight […]

29th January 2018

Baby Wearing and its Benefits

Baby wearing has been my favourite experience of mothering. I absolutely love it and will promote it forever. This post is for all those who want to know why I think baby wearing is too good.   Baby wearing is a technique where your baby is held close to you or the other parent in a sling. A baby can be worn from the time […]

26th January 2018

How I plan to instill Patriotism in my Son

Is just hoisting the national flag on republic day and national patriotism? Is this the only way to instil patriotism in our children? No there are simpler and more effective ways to make your child more patriotic. As a parent, I should be an example for my son and teaching him the true meaning of patriotism and independence. How to install patriotism in kids? With […]

25th January 2018

Importance of giving Freedom to Kids

“Children should have enough freedom to be themselves-once they have learned the rules” quotes Anna Quindlen (an American author). The question here arises is that do we as parents follow this? Many would say a ‘YES’. But personally speaking its 50% of the ‘YES’. Why so? Have we ever pondered on this question?  Not deeply.  Yes, but we often compare our childhood with that of […]

23rd January 2018

My Philosophy of Freedom – What freedom Means to me?

Freedom is such a broad term. Each being on earth has its own kind of freedom. I never thought of freedom as a term in itself apart from having freedom of choice. But while I was collecting thoughts on writing this post, I realised how freedom had different meaning over the years. As a child, freedom was all about self rule. I wanted to have […]

25th December 2017

My story of hair donation to cancer survivors

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the story shared here is my real-life story. It’s been a month that I have donated my hair to one of the NGOs for making hair wigs for cancer survivors. I thought this has been a beautiful experience for life and I must note this down. I have got beautiful, healthy hair thanks to my genes. Its followed […]

29th November 2017

Health care app – Zoctr

Technology is doing wonders in each field. Medical is not left behind in any way in terms of technology. At a single call, you have doctors at home, pathologists for blood test and much more. Would you like something just at your finger tip? An app that helps you as a health partner? So further growing in to technology we have an app that does […]

29th September 2017

My Saraswati – Mrs. Aasha Bangera

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Jasmeet Kaur for introducing me. Read her blog mommyvoyage.I have followed her throughout my pregnancy days and even now. So I am not disclosing the prompt for today. Read my post and guess the prompt and leave in your comments below.  I have always been […]