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18th May 2020

Learning – Outcome or process ? What making a mask made us realise

Learning is an outcome or process? Making a Mask made us realise what it is. Read on to know. This is not a post where I share how to make a spider man mask. It’s on how the process went. From deciding to doing and then reflecting. The three steps I learnt while doing self direct learning at home by @aarohi_life_education .  Planning for the next […]

22nd March 2019

Why we love Outdoor Play ? | Benefits of Outdoor Play | Reasons to be out in Nature

Outdoor play enable children to enjoy the natural environment and learn to seek out exercise, fresh air, and activity. There is something fundamentally healthy about playing outdoors. Outdoor play fosters opportunities for creativity, imagination, social connections, and learned behaviours. It has a positive effect on children’s social development, motor skill development, improves attention and activity level. BLOOM YOUR CHILD IN NATURE’S PLAYGROUND “PLAY is the […]

30th November 2018

Our Weaning story – Breastfeeding Mom and Toddler

Breast feeding has been the most beautiful phase of motherhood for both Khevaansh and me. I  fed my baby from infancy to toddler hood and loved the experience and miss it. I was certain about breastfeeding him even when I was pregnant. They say – breast milk comes in the right temperature and without containers. I wanted easy life. BTW in the initial days I did face challenges, […]

20th August 2018

I feed My Child What I Eat

  There comes a phase, where every baby has to be weaned off breast milk and given solid food to meet his nutritional requirements. Doctors generally advise to start solids after babies turn 6 months old. It was time to wean my son out and start him on solids. I received numerous suggestions on how to feed, what to feed, and how much to feed […]

13th August 2018

Nasal Congestion – A nightmare for parents

  You can’t change the ocean or the weather, no matter how hard you try. So it’s best to learn how to sail in all conditions I feel this is true for all mothers especially when their little ones are just exposed for the first time to the changing seasons in a year. I can never forget the first monsoons experienced by my little man […]

3rd August 2018

Merries Diaper – Review

Diapers have become an integral part of my life #momslife. Nappy pads, cloth nappies, cloth diapers, disposable diapers and so much more. We moms are really lucky to have so many options to choose from. I have used all the above and still use them in combination. I am comfortable using disposable diapers when we are out for too many hours or when I’m travelling. […]

14th June 2018

Free Play and It’s Importance

“He keeps playing by himself”, “He is a sweet boy, doesn’t make much trouble”, “He is independent”, is what I often hear people say about my little boy. People wonder what makes him so independent and play all by himself. If you have been following me closely, you might have noticed how much free play time I give my son. He loves exploring his new […]