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11th March 2018

Insights on Facts and Myths on Thyroid: Creating an awareness

Let me share a story of a friend before I begin with the factual knowledge Being happily married for a year, she and her hubby thought it was time to take their family forward and bring a joy of life in this world. But uncertainty struck them when they were not conceiving. Her menstrual cycles were irregular and she started putting on oodles of weight […]

30th December 2017

5 parenting learning of this year

  Its been only 17 months that I have been a mom but parenting has taught me a lot personally. Everyday experiences has helped me improve each passing day in my parenting journey too. I thought of sharing with you all this years learnings: 1. Be Patient: All through my life I was an impatient being. Just can’t think of waiting and going slow. I […]

14th December 2017

It’s Christmas Time

Christmas is around the corner, and we see Christmas trees and Santa Claus all around us. I have really enjoyed Christmas parties in school and societies as a kid. Those wafers and cake parties were so much fun. Christmas brings in Santa memories along. I still remember one of our school teacher who always dressed up as a Santa and came to surprise us with […]

30th November 2017

Review: The Ancient Beauty Products

If you see me now, you may not believe what I am going to say further. I was always a no make-up person.The maximum makeup that I would apply on my face was a sunscreen and a kajal. Like every other girl even I wanted natural glow on my face. Though no make up but I would do lot of DIY with natural ingredients at […]

27th November 2017

Windmill Festival – Save the Date

Are you ready for some fun this December? Then here you go.  SAVE THE DATE for the Windmill Festival  is here to add to some fun. Windmill Festival – ‘India’s First International Children’s Festival’ is back. The second season of the festival is scheduled to be held on December 16th and 17th, 2017 at Jio Garden, BKC in Mumbai. The festival is a joint initiative between Event Capital (a Laqshya Media […]

20th November 2017

Home safety- #HowSafeAreYou

As mother and a home maker, home safety is of utmost importance to me. I’m sure so it is for you all too coz home is where the heart is. Your personal safety depends on you and so does your home safety. I am sure all of us wants the best safety for our homes and this drives us to get the best safety measures […]

8th November 2017

Ways my husband pampered me during pregnancy

I had a beautiful pregnancy and loved each day. I had a very good support system all throughout pregnancy and one of the strongest support was my husband – the dadddy to be. There was this one experience in my pregnancy where I was hospitalised due to some minor bleeding episode. My husband had been out of station with my cousin and I was in […]

20th October 2017

Review : Figohoney Pocket Diaper and Wet Bag

Once destroyed, the nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price – Ansel Adams Yes, and we need to be careful about our Mother Earth and try and use products that are eco-friendly. What are some eco-friendly products that one can use while raising a baby? I would say many. One among the many is cloth diapers. Many brands have taken the initiative of helping […]

3rd October 2017

Krazy Kids Karnival : Save the Date

Its the festive time of the year. Each one likes to have fun during the festive season. Most of you might have either planned your vacations, family events or in the process of planning. If you are still thinking what to do this festive season, I am here to help you. SAVE THE DATE for the Krazy Kids Karnival is here to add to some […]

28th September 2017

Navratri Outfits

I am a complete social and festive girl. social functions and festivals are my favourite as it gives me chance to meet people and dress up. This Navratri let me share with you certain outfits that I wore. You may also like to read My Pregnancy outfits. I prefer indo-western outfits over traditional chaniya cholis. To add some details, I add good accessories. Let me show […]