6th March 2018

Celebrate Women’s Day – The Special Way

By Jinal Gada

Hey you ladies! It is our day!

 March 8th is International Women’s Day.

One day of the year to celebrate you for being you. The day of the year that you can celebrate womanhood in free spirit. Although, every day of womanhood should be celebrated, you often are not able to make time for yourself due to increasing demands and pressures of work as well as personal life.

So why not make this year special? Why not celebrate International Women’s Day in a different way this year? Listed below are some super cool ideas to celebrate March 8th in a different way with friends and family.

1} Take your family women out:

The idea of celebrating women’s day is by being in the company of women you cherish and love the most. You develop the true essence of being a woman from your mother, your sister, or your friend. No better time than family time. Take out your women family members out on a date to a movie, lunch, or to the mall.

2} Ask the men folk to cook a meal

Tired of doing the domestic chores aren’t you? Well, it is your day today. Why not ask the men folk to cook a delicious meal for the women in the family? After all women too need to feel pampered and loved. Ask your husband, father, or brother to switch and cook a meal for all the ladies in the house.

3} Women’s Party

It is a good idea to socialise with your neighbours and office colleagues this day. Take some time off the usual routine and organize a party for yourself and the women folk in the neighbourhood and office. Plan a few fun filled activities, games, drinks, and some good food for all the ladies.

4} Get involved in an NGO related to women issues

Today, the whole world is talking about women’s rights. You, as a woman, need to contribute too to make this world a better place for women to live life with dignity and respect. Donate to NGO’s that empower women in developing third world countries. Also try to take part is volunteering campaigns to save the girl child from foeticide. Any small contribution from your end will have a huge impact on the quality of another woman’s life.

5} Pamper yourself

Have you been neglecting yourself due to the growing immense pressures of day-to-day life? Well, today is your day. Make a change. Give yourself some attention and pamper yourself by doing what you like the most. Book yourself an appointment at the spas, cook a delicious meal for yourself, or spend some quiet time reading or listening to music. Do all that you would love to do on a normal day.

A single day isn’t required for a woman to celebrate womanhood. Nevertheless, March 8th being the International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide. Women are made to feel special on this day. It’s time for you too to make a change. This March 8th, celebrate women’s day like never before.