dads are the best
4th April 2018

Dad – A Forgotten Hero

By Jinal Gada

Most often, a mom is given all the weight after giving birth to the baby, in fact, from the period she conceives. I have a very different ideology. I always feel it’s we who got pregnant and not alone me. If I was to become a mother, he was to become a dad.

Gone are those days when dads were just breadwinners for the family. Now, Dads are more to it. They play a role of a father just as mom would. But, the sad part is dads are often neglected and moms are given all the importance.

My husband is a part of our daily routine with my son. He plays with him, he bathes him, he feeds him food and much more.

I see him living the way just as I would with my son with some differences obviously because our parenting styles differ in some aspects.

Today I want to take this opportunity note down what all my husband, #MrKs dad did/ does for us. (This will also make me less angry on him when we have a mini war )


  1. He was a super hero throughout my pregnancy. He took utmost care of me and in return he received love.
  2. When I decided to go for a C-Section, he was by my side and gave me strength and will power. 
  3. After delivery, when I came home he was too careful about my health, sleep – much needed after giving birth. He helped me soothe the baby and burped him too. 
  4. After some months of my delivery, I wanted to meet my girl gang and he was there to take the role of a dad. In fact, he knows I love playing garba – so he was back home early for all 9 days. #playingdadrole 
  5. He takes him to the doctors or accompanies us for vaccination. On our bad days gives him medicines and massages him for relaxation too. He chops his nails too. (Now don’t you judge me on what I do then – In that case, you must visit me for a day LOL)
  6. Each Sunday that’s when he has an off, he takes him out and plays with him to his heart’s content. I’m a free bird when he has an off. 

And people say dads don’t do anything. Don’t mind even I have said that at times but that’s only the hormone making me say that . I know he does much more than expected and we love him for what he does for us. 

Dont you think all dads out there earn that love and respect? Share your thoughts on this in the comments below. Would love to hear from you.

So, this post is a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge. I am going to write for the entire month of April and yes its my first time. I am totally excited and would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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