14th August 2019

Diy – Herbal Shampoo Recipe for beautiful hair

By Jinal Gada

DIY-Herbal shampoo has always been my mind ever since I was in college. I always wanted to do away with. chemical loaded shampoo and make my own Diy-Herbal Shampoo. 

I have good hair thanks to my mom. She also has very good Hair which is passed on to me. I love my hair and always took care of it. When I was a teenager, I Used the DIY- Herbal Shampoo Powder Recipe with more ingredients but use it as a pack not knowing this can be my shampoo to. I had beautiful results with that too but I was still using a chemically loaded shampoo. I always thought even then, How about having a shampoo which was fully chemical free but I didn’t know of any and hence kept using the normal shampoo.

Some years later, I tried using the same Diy-Herbal Shampoo recipe but didn’t work with me well that time. so I dropped the idea. Now at this point, after I turned vegan, I was trying to find chemical free shampoo all over. I found out about a brand called Krya. They make so many things chemical free and with natural ingredients. I gave it a try. But I found their products a bit expensive and so wanted to make my own things. Just then, a friend posted a bottle of shampoo on her Instagram story and tagged @slowconsciouslife on Instagram.

Originally this DIY-Herbal Shampoo Recipe is not my own. But it is pooja’s creation from Slowconsciouslife on Instagram. She is an amazing woman doing such a good work on Zero waste and more. She has been my inspiration for going low waste.

Now without wasting any more time lets get in to the simplest DIY-Herbal Shampoo Recipe which also removes oil from hair.


1 cup RItha (soap nut seeds)

1 cup awla (Indian Gooseberry)

1 cup shikakai (Acacia concinna)

Some neem leaves (I use dry leaves)

Some Dry Hibiscus Leaves

Some Methi seeds

Water depending on what consistency you want. Don’t Bother much you add later too if you need more. 


Soak all the ingredients with water overnight.

Next day give it a boil for around 20 mins.

Now strain the water in a pan and then squeeze the pulp and strain it. 

It does take some time but you can make a batch and freeze it too. I put some in the refrigerator. Its best to make a new one always but it’s not doable with all the work we have on our heads to do. 


Its best to use Diy-Herbal shampoo on oiled hair otherwise it will give you dryness. while taking bath, I put the shampoo in a bowl and take some with fingers and apply it like a pack on my hair and keep it for 5 mins. I try to cover each hair strand with the shampoo otherwise the hair where shampoo hasn’t reached will have oil left on it. After rising, I apply the shampoo one more time. if required one more time too which is rare. Basically, you have to shampoo it till you get the foams from the Ritha tin the shampoo. 


You will take time to learn using this shampoo. Its only by using it more and more you will know what works best for you. you can add less any ingredients as per your need. But Awla and shikakai are must because awla is your shampoo andshikakai is your natural conditioner. 

Also may be in your first two -three applications, oil won’t come out. I would suggest using it when you are going to be home or use it one day prior to going out. That way you will know whether oil has come out or not and accordingly you can shampoo it one more time. In the initial stages, I Used the normal shampoo out of frustration when I saw oil on my hair after a wash and I had to move out for a wedding or a party. But now I have learnt the trick well.

After three months, if you still have hair fall, its time to get your VIT- B12 and D3 get checked. Low vitamins will give you hair fall.

You may get hair fall initially but you must stay with it because any change of shampoo will give you that. It take three months to get use to the shampoo both for you and your hair.

If you feel its too much work and you cant make one. Try using Herbal shampoo powder using the same ingredients. If not try brands like krya. If you are in Mumbai, you can even order the shampoo from me. I would love to make it for you. Dm me on Instagram for the same.

I could have given you the advantages of this shampoo ingredients. But how about starting a conversation with your mom, aunt, friend, neighbour on what do they think of this? Have they used such a thing before?

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Nature has its own answer and nature can give us the best products.