25th December 2017

My story of hair donation to cancer survivors

By Jinal Gada

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the story shared here is my real-life story.

It’s been a month that I have donated my hair to one of the NGOs for making hair wigs for cancer survivors.

I thought this has been a beautiful experience for life and I must note this down.

I have got beautiful, healthy hair thanks to my genes. Its followed by my mom. I have always had long hair except one or two times when I had cut it real short. I absolutely loved my long hair, and I am sure to grow it back.

When I came to know through some of my friends that hair is something that one can donate for cancer survivors, I was very happy. I thought this is one beautiful thing that’s given by God to me and why not put it to good use other than just beautifying myself. So, when I saw this friend donate her hair, I thought I must do it too. But I wanted to do it on a special day. Thought the best day would be my son’s birthday but I didn’t want to cut my hair very short. I had to give up on his birthday the length was short.

Six months passed by I didn’t cut my hair. In real I didn’t cut for something like 9/10 months just to get the correct length for donation. Finally, I got the correct length on my birthday and chopped it off that day.

I’m sure most of you can feel me here when I say the decision wasn’t easy, especially when you have had long hair for donkey’s years. But if would not have been for donation, I would have never got the courage. I am so happy to know I have heard from quite a few people that they are influenced by me and want to do this soon.

A lot of people reasoned me for chopping my hair short. I know it’s something that can grow back but make the person who gets it feel beautiful. Giving happiness to somebody else in itself is so beautiful.

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