4th May 2018

E is for Education – How the concept of education kept changing for me over the years.

By Jinal Gada

The concept of education kept altering for me as I grew. From a kid to a college student, from a teacher to a parent, the idea of education kept changing.

As a child education was more about absorbing and transcribing. Learning concepts by heart and omitting it in the paper. Believe me I hated this concept and for all my school life I only loved Mathematics and at a later stage English. The reason for this was both these subjects were practical.

I was sure to take up commerce for the love of accounts and management subjects. I love them today also. According to me they are too practical and application based. So, as a college student education was more about gaining and applying my knowledge.

I became a teacher and this made me realise what education was in schools in India. Believe me, in most Indian schools Education is all about getting literate. Examination and its result is the most important part of education. If a school doesn’t have good results, it doesn’t have good education. Though many schools focus on co-curricular activities too but the focus is results (read Grade 10 results). While, I was teaching, I registered for CIDTT program and there I was educated that the concept of examination is not even required. Well, I can do a complete post on this now ?. But let me tell you in short that exam is not the only way education can be tested for the simple reason education is more than just concept learning.

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Until, I read more about the Waldorf curriculum and understood it deeply (I am still learning), I always thought education was all the above. But thankfully, I was introduced to Waldorf curriculum which says education is the holistic development of a child. Education must be with heart, hand and the head. It must be with soul, body and mind.

Our highest endeavour must be
to develop free human beings
who are able of themselves to impart
purpose and direction to their lives.
The need for imagination,
a sense of truth and
a feeling of responsibility—
these three forces are the very nerve of education.”
― Rudolf Steiner

I have attempted to write a small poem on education. Kindly bear with me it’s my first attempt in my life.

The concept of education is different for each one. This is obvious. Sharing here what education means to me.


It is more than getting literate,

It’s about enjoying childhood

It is more than degrees,
it’s about enjoying adulthood

Its above grades,
it’s about loving what you do
It’s more powerful than competition,
it’s about living it real

It goes beyond reading books,
it’s about telling stories
Its more than learning rhymes,
it’s about singing songs

Its a broad concept,
done by the heart, hand and mind