19th December 2018

Eight Healthy Instant Vegan Meal Ideas for Toddlers and Adults

By Jinal Gada

Each mom wants to feed the right food to her child. Sharing here some easy, instant vegan meal ideas. The Best part about these instant vegan recipes is even adults can eat this as a meal. So, moms you don’t have to cook separately for yourself.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, you are really busy if you are simply a mom.

Our check list is way to bigger than the number of hours we have in a day. In this busy schedule the most important task we have is feeding the right food to our toddlers. Food which is rich in nutrition and adds value to the body.

Feeding a child is way too easy but feeding the right food is not that easy but trying to make it easier for you with some instant vegan meal ideas that have been our favourites. I like them even more because they are so easy to make, quickly done and yet so healthy and nutritious.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Sharing with you our favourite Instant Vegan Meal Ideas:

1. Smoothie

This is our go to meal. We start our day with a vegan green smoothie. It is full of health and nutrition. It is so yummy. Its so simple to make – take some green leaves, our favourites are mint, basil and kale add a banana and any other fruits of your choice except melons. For some more sweetness, I add dates too. If you want it chilled add in some ice cubes and give it a blend. So simple !! There are several more smoothie ideas on my Instagram page. Follow me on Instagram, if you are not, because I share my smoothie recipe there almost every day.

2. Besan Chillas / Pudlas

Our favourite instant vegan meal. It’s so healthy and so quick. Take some besan, add some veggies, salt, water and just make a chilla on a pan. Serve it with home-made sauce or chutneys. Nutritious and healthy

3. Oats Banana Pancake

Oats Banana Pancake was our favourite when K was younger. It’s so quick to make. Mash the bananas, add some plant based milk, oats flour. Give it a quick mix in a blender and make a pancake on a pan.

You can find some more healthy recipes here.

4. Bajra/Jowar Rotlas

This is a very quick recipe if u learn how to roll out rotlas. Just see some you tube videos. Mix some veggies in or just make plain rotlas and serve with jaggery. This is a dadima recipe which is too in these days mainly because of its healthy and nutritious qualities.

5. Chocolate milk shake (plant based)

I normally soak some almonds, remove water, dry it with a napkin and keep it in a refrigerator for a week or so. It’s best to eat soaked nuts. But if you don’t have soaked almonds u can still make this plant based milk shake. Take 3 almonds, 2-3 cashews, half a spoon of raw cocoa powder, dates as per sweetness, give it a blend and serve it. If u want it hot. Blend it for some more time. If u want it cold, add some ice while blending.

I learnt this recipe from my sister in law long years back and love it since then. Make dough of the wheat flour. Roll out small roti, stuff it with finely chopped coriander and salt, close it up, and roll it again. Cook it on the pan. Serve with home-made sauce or chutney.

7. Lapsi / Dalia

This is so quick and a complete meal. You can make this in two ways.

A) Add some veggies, lapsi, and water in a cooker, give some whistles. Spices as per choice can be added.

B) When I’m really short of time and don’t have chopped veggies. I make the sweet version of it. Add jaggery in the cooker with some water – give it a boil or until jaggery melts, add dalia/ lapsi and give some whistles. Healthy and yum.

8. Ragi porridge

Take a pan and roast ragi flour on one side. On the other gas in a pan add some water with jaggery and boil until the jaggery melts. Once both are done. Slowly add jaggery water in the ragi flour and keep stirring. You can also add some almond and cashew milk to make it creamy. You can make this with any flour of your choice.

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If you have any other quick, instant, vegan and healthy recipes. do leave a comment below or share the recipe in short for us. I would love to try it.