26th January 2018

How I plan to instill Patriotism in my Son

By Jinal Gada

Is just hoisting the national flag on republic day and national patriotism? Is this the only way to instil patriotism in our children? No there are simpler and more effective ways to make your child more patriotic. As a parent, I should be an example for my son and teaching him the true meaning of patriotism and independence.

How to install patriotism in kids?

With every year of our nation entering into its independence, the new generation is coming into this country. We all grew learning great things about our freedom fighters and our country’s independence. We are 71 years independent and our nation is growing to become a progressed country. Why is it so? It is because of the youth. No nation can progress without the younger generation.
So how do you plan to instil patriotism in kids?

Here are some ways I plan to do it 

1} Respecting the national anthem:

Today, most kids don’t even know the meaning of our national anthem. Even entertainment centres like movie theatres play the national anthem before the screening of the movie. This is to emphasise the importance and meaning of our national anthem. Teach your kids the importance of our national anthem and make them respect it by standing in salutation every time they hear it.

2} Show documentaries:

One of the easiest ways to induce a feeling of patriotism in your little one is to show documentaries on freedom struggle and freedom fighters. This will give them a visual of the suffering and struggle our ancestors went through to give our country independence. You child will definitely understand the sacrifice people took to achieve a peaceful nation that they stay in today.

3} Pay up taxes and bills on time:

Children are like wet cement. They always follow their parent’s ways. So whatever you do will have an impression on them. Instil a feeling of responsibility within them by yourself showing some responsibility towards your country. One such way is to pay bills and taxes that we owe to the government for a better and progressed country.

4} Keeping the society clean: 

As we all have learnt from childhood, cleanliness is godliness. If we love our country, we must take steps to keep it clean. And how do you start doing it? Begin with keeping your nearby society clean. Teaching cleanliness to your child by asking him not to throw garbage on the streets, putting waste into a dustbin, and taking measures to keep it clean is a way of showing love to our country.

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5} Respecting the policemen: 

A policemen’s job is the most neglected job in the country simply because none of us realise the importance of them. Hadn’t been for policemen, we would not have slept peacefully every night or stay comfortably in the security of our home. Policemen work towards securing the citizens of our country. By respecting policemen and making your children do so, they will feel more inspired and patriotic towards our country.

5} Organise Independence Day and Republic Day camps

Although your kid may have independence and republic day celebrations at school, he may quite not understand the true essence behind it. Organising the camps yourself near your home and involving him in all the activities pertaining to celebrations will help him value the independence of our country.

The lessons of sacrifice and responsibility towards our country will make our youth patriotic and understand the true meaning of independence. Only if we teach them now, it is going to pass on to the other generations to come.