20th August 2018

I feed My Child What I Eat

By Jinal Gada


There comes a phase, where every baby has to be weaned off breast milk and given solid food to meet his nutritional requirements. Doctors generally advise to start solids after babies turn 6 months old. It was time to wean my son out and start him on solids. I received numerous suggestions on how to feed, what to feed, and how much to feed which confused me more and put me in uncertainty.

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But then, I decided to follow my own instincts and ways to wean my child out. You will be surprised to hear that we never cooked food specially for him and he actually ate what we ate on a regular basis. We only cooked separately for him when we ordered out junk food. We would give him the food that we cooked minus the additional spices and salt that we added. Also, I never pureed his food in a mixie and chose to mash his food by hand.

Benefits of giving my child what I eat

You may be curious to know why I took these steps. Yes, there are plenty of benefits that I have experienced by doing this. Listed below are some of them.

1} Saves time

Yes, cooking separately every time and mixing it into a puree can be a tedious task and additionally consumes more time. Giving my child what I eat saved a lot of my time. All I have to do is separate a small portion of our cooked food out before I added additional spices.

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2} He eats everything

Kids can get fussy when they are given one type of food every time. My giving my son the food I eat, he eats everything and does not fuss either at home or while we go out. This makes it very easy to manage his eating schedules.

3} Develops taste

Cooking separately invariably results in bland food. Babies get bored and also do not develop any taste. By giving my baby the food I ate, he developed a sense of taste and enjoyed every meal of his.

4} Adaptable

The thought of stepping out of the house makes mothers jittery especially regarding the food that we need to feed our babies. At first, I was a nervous mom too. But my idea of giving my baby the normal food made him more adaptable when we went out on trips or visited a friend’s house.

Every single day can be a challenge if your baby starts becoming fussy over food. I recommend making the change right from the beginning so that your little one does not get too frustrated with the food that you are giving him. As long the food is nutritious, it does not matter how you give it your little one.

Please note each child goes through different phases and we have also gone through and we make special food for him during this phase – thinking he might at least eat something.