2nd September 2017

Introduction to Modern Cloth Diapers

By jinal gada

Seeing my Instagram stories, You might know by now that we use a cloth diapers and love it. Though we don’t exclusively cloth diaper but use it on most days. My first set of Modern Cloth Diapers (MDC) came from Shruti from Waah Baby Cloth Diapers.

There were many options available to buy from. Infact, I had started researching and understanding cloth diapers before delivering but didn’t understand anything till I met this lady and she sent me this awesome write up on cloth diapers.

So here I share it with you, to understand MDC in detail.

Cloth Diapers are washable, reusable, eco-friendly & baby-friendly. Isn’t that cool?
Diaper only gives waterproofness, prevents leaks & gives stay dry feel to baby.
The pee goes in the inner pad which is called as insert, this insert absorbs all the pee, so the main job is done by the insert.

Diaper sizes: 

New Born Size : These fit babies weighing around 2.5 to 5 kgs.

One size Diaper These diapers fit babies weighing from 4.5-15 kgs.

Also there are diapers with extra newborn rise settings so they fit from 3.5kgs upto 15kgs.

Types of diaper as per elastic:

Single Gusset Diapers:-

One leg elastic is called single gusset so all diapers are single gusset by default (white colour inner pic shown below of Microsuede Pocket Diaper).

Double Gusset Diapers:-

Two leg elastics extra elastic in inner of diaper is called double gusset (grey colour inner pic shown below of  Charcoal bamboo pocket diaper). It helps in preventing side leaks when baby sleeps on sides or rolls over.

PC : http://www.storeofbaby.com/


Types of diapers

1)Pocket Diapers


3)Bamboo Velour Fitted Diaper


5)All-In-Two(AI2) Charcoal Bamboo Diaper

Lets understand these diapers one by one:

1)Pocket Diapers: –

Pocket diapers have a pocket type opening inside where u may put insert (pad) inside it. The insert absorbs all the pee and the diaper inner material is stay-dry so baby doesn’t feel any wetness. For day, 1 insert is needed. For nighttime, 2 inserts (ideally hemp + another insert) should be used, then diaper works for 8-10 hrs.

Pocket diapers have stay dry layer inside so pee passes through it & it can cause bacteria to grow so you must change both diaper & insert at changing time & can’t reuse same diaper again. If u want to reuse, then take Covers which u can reuse & change only inserts. In the picture above thepad like thing is the insert inserted halfway in yhe pocket.

2)All-In-One(AIO) Diaper:-

All-In-One(AIO) diaper, one insert is stitched inside the diaper so for daytime u can directly use it. These diapers work for 4-5 hrs for daytime, but ideally should be changed every 2-3 hrs. It also has a pocket to put another insert for nighttime. If you add a hemp insert inside the pocket given, it works for good 8 – 9 hours at night.

3)Bamboo Velour Fitted diaper:-

In Fitted diapers, the entire diaper and insert is absorbent. So, it soaks from all sides- tummy, back, sides, diaper area. This is helpful when baby sleeps in different positions like the child pose or on the tummy.


In Covers, you can use pre fold or inserts and reuse the cover again after wiping it (if it is not soiled by poo).

You may use 2 covers for whole day by toggling between them, drying them in between & changing the insert.

5)All-In-Two(AI2) Diaper:-

All-In-Two(AI2) Diaper means it has 2 inserts – one insert is stitched inside it (same as AIO) & second insert is attached to it on one end only like a flap so it dries faster & good for heavy wetter baby for night time. It works for 8-10 hrs & no extra inserts are needed with it.

Types of Diaper Inner Materials (inside of the diaper) are micro-suede, micro-fleece, charcoal bamboo, as inner materials.

Types of Inserts

Microfiber, Bamboo Cotton, Charcoal Bamboo, Hemp.

The Picture below shows of all inserts (Microfiber, Bamboo Cotton, Charcoal Bamboo, Hemp inserts) & last is Microfleece Liner

  1. Microfiber Insert, White colour, 3 layers, towel thread like, works 1-2 hrs, not to be used in Covers.
  2. Bamboo Cotton Insert, White colour, 3 layers, soft to touch, works 2-3 hrs.
  3. Charcoal Bamboo Insert, Grey colour, 5 layers–3 layers of Microfiber sandwiched between 2 layers of Charcoal Bamboo, works 4-5 hrs.
  4. Hemp Insert, Cream colour, 3 layers, organic hemp, rough to touch, for nighttime, works 8-10 hrs with another insert.
  5. Microfleece Liner is for giving stay dry feel to baby specially in covers where insert touches baby’s skin directly so after liner is placed on insert, it acts as a staydry barrier. Also, in covers, when natural material inserts like hemp or Bamboo cotton are used, baby will feel dampness after pee so liner gives staydry feel.Many use in pockets also for easy poo removal & minimal stains on diapers.
  6. Flats are normal cloth which is folded like a pad to make an insert. You may buy them or make   from soft cotton cloth from home. The advantage of this is it dries really fast.

PC : http://www.clothdiaperfinder.com

P.S : Each companies layers for the insert may vary.


Guest Post by Shruti Bane

Owner of Waah Baby Cloth Diapers

Facebook page- WaahBabyClothDiapers

WhatsApp- 9930957963

Call- 9702813534

For any queries, doubts or to place order, you can contact on above numbers.