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I started writing this blog as a mommy and wrote a lot on parenting. As I wrote, I evolved each day and my topic of interest and my lifestyle have since then changed drastically. I love my new lifestyle and write a lot about my experiences. After all experience is all about learning .

So what is this change that I am feeling so strongly, within me & around me ? To begin with I focussed on my health first & turned Vegan in January 2018. I learnt a lot about how to feed the soul and cell both. I am still learning each day. Vegansim brought me in to finding natural alternatives to shampoos, tooth pastes and more. This further inspired me to live a sustainable lifestyle. I am not a zero waster, I still create waste but I am conscious in my consumption. While I was learning all this, I was also learning alternative forms of education for my toddler and this got me in to Unschooling. I Unschool my child and we are currently in love with what we are doing. Each thing has got me to something better ,something beautiful. Unschooling led me to travelling. I travel a lot with my toddler and you will read about my travel stories in the blog posts. It doesn’t end here, the ever evolving learner in me wanted more and so I have joined a yoga institute in Mumbai and am learning yoga. I strongly believe that mental health is as important as physical health . Yoga aids me in strengthening my mind and balance both mental & physical health.

I love the way I have reached here.With all of the above, I am also trying to minimise my consumption of needs and aspiring to be a minimalist. This is my story of the present.

In the past, I was like any other woman, married at 22, working full time, earning a good salary and spending time with friends and family over weekends.

I am grateful for my past for it has blessed me with experiences and learnings that helped me to evolve into a Better Me Today 🙏❤️.

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