Weight loss
2nd August 2021

Loose weight eating everything.

By Jinal Gada

Loose weight while eating everything?

Looks like I’m joking right. How can somebody loose weight while eating everything. No, not at all, its very much possible.

Healthy eating is key to health. Its important to eat the right food bla bla bla.

We have all heard this from parents, friends, nutritionist, doctors and not to forget social media.

I am also going to say the same thing. Eating the right food is very important. But how can I miss on my ice-creams, vada Pav and pizzas. If I cant have those, I cant sustain on a diet for a long time and finally I will be back to where I had started.

But what if I tell you, you don’t have to miss anything. You can eat anything and everything but in a healthy way and loose weight. You have to prepared with things you like eating and fill your pantry with the healthier version of it. Then no one can stop you from loosing weight and gaining health.

Let me share what I do to gain health and loose weight.


My house is always stocked with dates , jaggery, jaggery powder. These become my healthy replacements to sugar. I love to add dates, jaggery, figs or raisins to dishes which require sweetness. Let me share, it just works very well. You just need to learn which sweet would work where and that will take some experience, trial and errors or help from a person like me who has tried several things. Replacing refined sugar is one of the best and easiest way to gain health and loose weight.


In my earlier days of eating healthy, I needed snack. I wanted to have chips, chivda, Khakra and more. I tried finding healthier recipes for this or ordered from people I knew make it oil free. let me share this has been my life saver. Its amazing how you can snack and still be a healthy eater.


As a child, I was never a sweet person. But after getting married, I really enjoyed sweets. But with the fear of gaining weight, I use to avoid them and now I enjoy it after each meal. I always have two vegan sugarfree sweets stocked in my house. I relish it after my meals, guilt free.

You may like to try some recipes.


Dinners in our house is always variety. Dosa, Handva, Samosa, Vada or something. I use to control my portions earlier but I now have it absolutely to my hearts content. it just satisfies me. I have learnt healthier version of food from various classes I have attended and also my own experimentive cooking.

Nut butters and powders:

These act as my oil replacers in any recipe. Coconut butter becomes my ghee. Peanut butter is oil in my aata and Peanut powder or coconut is use as oil replacer in poha, sabjis and khichadi. Other nut butters are used as dressing for my salads or in baking. In some items I do use cold pressed oils, but the usage of oils is minimum.


The whole world must have told you the benefits of fruits. Its just amazing to have a lot of fruits at home. Children, adults anyone who sees it will want to eat it. Fruits are the best snacks and sweets. Now I don’t need any snacks at home. Fruits are my snacks if needed.

loose weight

Green Chutney and Dates Chutney:

These chutneys are also there at home on most days. It helps me curb my chat cravings. I simply add salad veggies and these chutney and have it. love it.

No Processed or packaged food:

I don’t use any processed or packaged food. I make everything from scratch at home or sometimes order it from people who make it from scratch at home. I know these people personally and they make it at home.

I know its not easy but I would say its not difficult. in the initial stage take support from people who make things at home and order from them, slowly then keep experimenting and make your own things.

Also I would say go slow, do things that you can easily follow and then keep moving forward. Don’t forget, you have to start not to finish at one time but only to keep it lifetime with you. Whatever you do has to be sustainable.

Let me know in the comments below, how and what is easy for you to start with?

until next time, 

keep Nourishing your cell and soul.