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1st August 2019

All you want to know about Menstrual cups.

By Jinal Gada


Menstrual cups is one of the best thing that has happened to me. I wish more and more women convert to cups and I feel happy to share I have already helped a few convert and they have come and thanked me.

After I did an Instagram post on menstrual cups, many people came and asked me question on how, when, where about it? I thought it would be best to do a FAQ on menstrual cups.


1. Why should one use Menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups are the cleanest way to have your periods both for the environment and for you. You don’t add to the landfills by using the cups because they are reusable. You feel extremely clean when you use the cups. There are no harsh rashes, infections with the cup. It saves money as it stays with you for a lifetime. Its easy to carry when you are travelling.

2. Who can use it?

Any girl /women above 18 years can use the cup. I started using post delivery but I know young girls also using and there is nothing that goes wrong with it.

3. Which size cup should we use?

While many may argue with my answer here but I didn’t measure my cervix before buying the cup. I use the Rustic Art L size cup. #Unsponsored A women 30 plus or a women who has delivered is suggested to use a L size Rustic Art cup while the rest are asked to use the S size. The owner of the Rustic Art herself helped me with the Size and after converting so many even I have become an expert. But there are many who ask to measure the cervix with finger and then decide the size. I leave this on you to choose what you want to do. I feel what I did was easy and I am very comfortable with my size.

4. How to Use the cup?

When you get your periods – sterilise the cup in boiling water start using it ( can be inserted warm). After you finish your periods – you may wash it with cup wash or soda bi carbonate and water and again sterilise, dry and keep it in the pouch. You can skip the cup wash and soda bi carbonate al together. just sterilising is also enough.

5. How to insert and remove menstrual cups?

In simple words, take a squad position, press the sides of the cup to break suction and pull/ put straight. You many see some you tube videos on this for further clarity. But its not as difficult as it looks. Its a very simple thing and its not at all painful.

6. Is it Painful?

Using the cup is not at all painful. You actually forget you are menstruating. I sometimes suddenly get out of the bed and wash the cup because I had forgotten I was menstruating and haven’t washed it for more than 8 hours. Initially, you may feel a little uncomfortable but its definitely not at all painful.

7. Where does the blood flow go?

The blood flow collects in the cup. Once the cup is full, you have to remove, wash and re insert it.

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8. Where do you buy the cup?

There are many organic sustainable stores keeping it. You can find them online at amazon, hygiene and you and more. 

9. Do you use the cup and a pad both?

No, you don’t need to use both. But there are some women who use only cloth pads in their last days of cycle. some women use it in the night if at all you have a chance to sleep more than 8 hours or you have heavy flow and you don’t want to disturb your sleep.

10. What is the ideal time to remove the cup?

You can remove the cup between 8 -10 Hours. But if you have heavy flow you might have to do it earlier too.

11. If the cup is full, does the blood go back?

No, If the cup is full the blood doesn’t go back but it flows down to your clothes.

12. In the middle of the cycle should you wash it with chemical free soap and insert?

No. In the middle of the cycle you only need to rinse it with running tap water and insert it.

13. How to understand that its time to remove the cup?

Its normally 8 – 10 hours. But in one or two cycles you will understand more by experience. Because each women has a different flow.

14. Does it hurt if you walk around or if there is movement?

No.Not at all. It doesn’t  hurt at all. You actually forget you are menstruating.

15. I have kept IUD mirena, Can I use the cup?

Yes, you can still use the cup. It has no side effects.

16. Can the cup be used during white discharge?

You many use the cup for white discharge but remove it every 4 hours minimum. (This is not my personal experience. I am sharing views of an expert here. You may try and experiment yourself)

17. I cant use the gas to sterilise the cup. What do I do in that case?

Initially, even I didn’t use the gas directly to sterilise the cup. Instead I boiled water in a vessel and then poured it in to a glass cup and covered it and let the cup be in for 20-30 mins.

18. Why only girls above 18 can use the cup?

A Teen body is still growing and its best left untouched.

These are some questions I could think of and some asked by you people. If you have any more questions, leave a comment below. I would be more than happy to answer.

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