3rd August 2018

Merries Diaper – Review

By Jinal Gada

Diapers have become an integral part of my life #momslife. Nappy pads, cloth nappies, cloth diapers, disposable diapers and so much more. We moms are really lucky to have so many options to choose from.

I have used all the above and still use them in combination. I am comfortable using disposable diapers when we are out for too many hours or when I’m travelling.

If you follow my Instagram stories, you must know that I was travelling and my little baby was in diapers for almost 24 hrs. I gave him diaper free time only for an hour in between. Its not easy to give diaper free time when you are travelling. For the entire trip we used the Merries diapers and we absolutely loved it. Read further to know why?

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  • The Merries diapers were absolutely soft. I have mostly been a one brand person but this recent change made me happy. I found a diaper softer than the diaper I was currently using.
  • To my surprise, the diaper was never too heavy. Even after a full night diapering, it was light. This was observed even when we used the diaper at home. I loved this because the baby doesn’t feel the heaviness of diapers.
  • It had super absorbency. I never found his bum wet or the diaper wet.
  • The design is absolutely cute.
  • It has a colour changing wetness indicator. This is so useful, when the diaper has to be worn for a very short time and the baby doesn’t pee – it can be actually reused.
  • I loved the tape it had to roll the diaper when soiled. It saves us from using more plastic and hence a little sustainable. All though, I know disposable diapers are not sustainable.


  • While, I loved everything about the diaper, there is one thing that I didn’t like was the yellowness on the diaper when removed –  it looked liked the pee was still there but when I touched it was dry. So not a problem as such but just a personal thing.
  • If the price goes a little down, it may become the best seller in the market.


About the brand:

“Merries” comes from the English word “merry”, which means cheerful and smiley. It is also inspired from the musical merry-go-round mobile hung above babies’ cribs to make them smile.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Merries wants babies to be happy, comfortable, and smiling.  We believe that the happy times which happy babies and happy parents spend together are vital to the baby’s growth and development.

Merries continually delivers products that contribute to the baby’s healthy physical and emotional development, with the aim to be the most “gentle to the skin” baby diaper in the world. We will constantly innovate to help parents enjoy their child-raising years and ensure that their babies live as happily and comfortably as possible.


The diaper is newly launched in India and you can buy your pack from amazon.

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