30th November 2018

Our Weaning story – Breastfeeding Mom and Toddler

By Jinal Gada

Breast feeding has been the most beautiful phase of motherhood for both Khevaansh and me. I  fed my baby from infancy to toddler hood and loved the experience and miss it. I was certain about breastfeeding him even when I was pregnant. They say – breast milk comes in the right temperature and without containers. I wanted easy life. BTW in the initial days I did face challenges, (I will write about it someday) but I lived through it.

Breastfeeding reminds us of the universal truth of abundance; the more we give out, the more we are filled up, and that divine nourishment – the source from which we all draw is, like a mother’s breast, ever full and ever flowing.      

Sarah Buckley


A year passed by and breast feeding went on so naturally and beautifully that I wasn’t ready to give up. some asked me to give up at 8 months others suggested leave at 12 months – they had their reasons but I had my reason of continuing.

One major reason that made me laugh, think was the baby wouldn’t leave breast feeding if he grows up to which I use to think – ?Really? I haven’t seen any adult breast feeding. Moreover, I had stories from friends who had successfully weaned their two year – three year and even six years old.

We continued our journey even past one year and we were happy. Second birthday came in and I thought maybe now it’s time to drop but my toddler wasn’t ready. Since it was our journey together I wanted both of us to be ready. We continued. Then at 25.5 months my supply reduced a bit and it became painful – he demanded more. Majorly because it was monsoon and our evening park time was spent at home which gave him another reason to come hook on.

I started talking to him. Each day I kept telling him that breast feeding has become a bit painful for mumma and that now it’s time we wean off. Dad was also equally involved in the process. He was preparing both of us – he supported me when I had to take the decision and helped Khevaansh understand that it’s time we stop.

By now both of us were prepared and it was time to stop. I was emotional but stayed strong. 

He fed to sleep both in the afternoon and night and woke up once or twice  in the night and some days demanded in the evening too.

I was sure to go the natural and gentle way and I am so happy to share that its the easiest way to wean a baby from breastfeeding.


Day 1: 26/9/18

That Morning Khevaansh had his last feed.


We didn’t breastfeed. He cried for 10 mins straight but I tried consoling him. Thankfully the crying was not sobbing and out of control. He was listening while I was talking to him and in the process also asking for feed. I was feeling terrible but stayed strong.

My worry was how to put him to sleep because both of us were so use to breast feeding. That day I used the swing to put him to sleep and he slept in another 15 mins.

The same day evening we went out and evening feed was skipped.


This worried me the most but It went smooth. He kept asking for feed – I kept telling him no it’s time to stop and it’s painful for mumma. That night he took almost an hour to sleep. But since he was use to feed, he ate a banana as replacement

He woke up in the night and asked for feed – I only told him once no baby no feed. Hold on to your blanket and sleep. He directly woke up in the morning then.

Breastfeeding is nature’s health plan.      


Day 2:

He woke up and came out of the room in the morning and didn’t ask for feed. This never happened in 25 months.

Afternoon :

I was out and he slept with dadi (grandma) without feed.


We went to the park


Story worked and he slept. Woke up in the middle of night (real early morning) and had some dates, slept again and then woke up directly next morning.

But my breast was full and I couldn’t take it – so in the midnight I fed him. This Idea was given by a friend. She suggested when your breast is full, feed him when he is not aware that he is being fed. Thankfully it was night for me. (so it took 48 hours for me to feel full)

Day 3

He was strong enough and knew he wouldn’t get milk but asked me and made fun. He has this tone of saying give milk in Gujarati ( aapo Duddddhhhhhhh)  and it’s kind of too funny and nice to hear. We both had a good laugh over it for many days. He also says milk is over and that BABU drank all the milk.

So, it was just a two-day story and it went on quite easy for us. The only thing that has gone off is the afternoon nap. He hardly naps now. Moreover, I also don’t take much effort thinking he would sleep early in the night which is a good habit. Now I put him to sleep early in the evening and our life is sorted.

I thank the mothers who fed their babies beyond 2 and motivated me. I would like to to mention a few names here Jasmeet from mommy voyage, Neha Chopra from Jugniology, Lakshmi from mspiration  and Yaman. You must follow these moms for some insirations.

I am thankful to the mothers’ community that helped me go through all the bad phases of breastfeeding and helped me stay strong. A big shout out for all you out there.

Newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three.      

Grantly Dick-Read


I am sure your breastfeeding friends would love to read his story – share with them now.