14th September 2017

Review : Baby’s Castle

By Jinal Gada

Your baby isn’t even ready to walk and you take her for a swim session. People may think you are crazy. I would say yes, I am crazy. I took Mr. K for a swim session to Baby’s castle at Santcruz in Mumbai on 27/4/17. Mr. K was 8 month old.

Baby’s castle is the first and only wellness centre in India. It is ideal for babies ageing from 1 month to 2.5 years depending upon their weight and height where they can conduct relaxation Aqua Therapy, Aquatic Physical Therapy and Baby Swimming in a comfy environment.

They offer a one time session and a package too where you can take the babies on regular basis for swim lessons. In conversation with the staff there, I came to know that there are babies of 2.5 year old with them who are swimming on their own and some younger babies with a little help.

I wanted to take K for this session since long. In fact, I had planned I will take him here when he was still in the womb. Recently a friend who has a baby 10 days younger to K asked me if I would be interested to join her for a swim session. Without a second thought, I agreed and said a yes. She had taken an appointment for three of us (three babies) of 2.00 pm.

We reached there on time. The lady there made us fill the form and showed us the entire castle. It had two baby pools, play area for babies and a room for moms spa session.

Immediately after that the staff took our babies one by one, changed them into swim diapers. the place where they changed the clothes was extremely clean. There were toys to keep the babies engaged while they were changed. The staff took utmost care to make the baby comfortable while they were changed. K was ready to go into pool.

Mommies could enter the pool too which was fun. Once K was ready, I made him touch and play with water from out and then gave him to the professional taking care, while I went and changed. I entered the pool and we played in the pool with some actual swim play which the professional there was teaching us.

What I liked?

The castle was very clean. It was quite baby friendly. The staff was extremely professional and helpful. We got all the help needed.

The swim coaches were polite and gentle in their talks. They handled the babies extremely well. K was happily going to them, so they could do some actual swim exercise with him. For other babies, they showed the mom, and the moms were doing it. But they tried to take each baby. They remembered the name of the babies and called them with their names which gives a personal touch.

As a mommy, when your baby is doing new things you want pictures to be taken as memory. So, when I asked the staff, is there anyone who could click pictures, they helped us with a boy who clicked pictures of ours. It may sound silly but these pictures are memories for life.

After the swim session, babies were given warm towels. These are sanitised towels and I personally saw them doing it.

Once the swim session was done, they let us be, take our own time to feed the babies. So there was no hurrying up, we were at our own pace.

The play room was equipped with new and latest toys and it was child friendly.

What I didn’t like?

There was spa session given to moms, which I found to be very ok. It would have been nicer if the staff took care of the babies while moms had the spa.

The swimming session was for 30 minutes, which got over very quickly and we wanted more time, but as per the guidelines we can’t have a longer session than this.

I also felt it is highly priced. The price could be reduced to 1000 for a session and they can minus the foot spa for the moms.


Overall, my experience with baby’s castle was good. We had an extremely good time. Mr. K enjoyed to the fullest. Kudos to Dr. Priyanka to bring such a concept to India. I would recommend you to go for at least one session despite the price. Many paediatricians also recommend the aqua therapy for babies with week body.

To book your appointment. visit their website http://www.babyscastle.com or get in touch with them