29th September 2017

My Saraswati – Mrs. Aasha Bangera

By Jinal Gada

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Jasmeet Kaur for introducing me. Read her blog mommyvoyage.I have followed her throughout my pregnancy days and even now.

So I am not disclosing the prompt for today. Read my post and guess the prompt and leave in your comments below. 

I have always been an average student all my life. A person who needs preparation, revision and again final touch up for exams. Coming from a family where my mom and dad are educated in Gujarati medium so I could get very little help from my parents in terms of studies. But I had an expert to assist me – Mrs. Aasha Bangera. I am indebted to God to have met her. She is my inspiration, my motivation, saviour and my master. If it would have not been her, I would have not been what I am today. She is my Saraswati (Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom, and learning)

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I met Mrs. Aasha Bangera – Miss thats what I call her, in fact the entire society calls her that, when I was in my 9th grade. From that time till now, she has been my academic helper. Even now when neighbours come to me with doubts and I can’t solve it for them, she stands at help. Not only me, she has lent a helping hand to hundreds of students. She tries to help in all ways possible when its related to education.

Be it school or college admissions, exams or choosing a carrier, she has helped students with everything. She is the one who asked me to give my CET exams for B.Ed. There is no way I can thank her. Thank you is a small word.

Miss has helped many students without taking any charges or taking minimum charges. one amongst these was one of my best friend, she still can’t stop thanking miss for her gratefulness. Mrs. Bangera’s aim is to open a school and teach for free, but till she reaches there she at least wants to reach out to one such child whose education can be done free by her – now who does that, very less people have such big hearts in todays world.

Isn’t she a real Saraswati. At least for me, She is the goddess of knowledge.

At the end, I want to thank you Miss, although thank you just not enough for all that you have done for me till date and hundreds of other students like me. We love you.

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