20th December 2017

The Beauty Of The Nails

By Jinal Gada


“Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her nails that make the statement”

A famous quote by Tammy Taylor. I truly believe in this as for a woman a minutest thing like a

I love to dress my nails with vibrant attractive nail polishes. A manicure followed with a coating of my favourite nail polish is something that makes me feel complete.

“Our hands and feet never take a day off. So we should take care of them”.

I pamper my hand and toe nails by soaking them in luke warm water at least once a week, followed with a gentle rub with a scrubber with soft bristles. After which I trim or file my nails suiting my requirement and give a distressing massage with a cream of my preference. Well the pampering doesn’t end here. The most awaited moment is when I coat my nails with a beautiful nail polish.

These days the market is flooded with vibrant colours of nail polishes – ranging from nude shades to the brightest neon ones. Being a work from home mom, I hardly get time to hop onto these markets. The advancement of technology has contributed a lot in beautifying the nails of a woman. It’s a boon for woman like me.

I am a regular online shopper. Be it for my son, my husband, myself or even home supplies. With mommy hood and work, I find online shopping the most conveneint. Additionally, I am attracted to their huge discount offer. The delivery of the product is on time and an accessible one. I find it completely reliable as I can track my order & also return one if I do not like them, which of course is a rare case.

I frequently like to change my nail polish and this type of online shopping suits my purpose. My work is not hampered by visiting the beauty shops. Just a click on to these sites and I can buy a nail polish of my choice anytime anywhere. The product is delivered at my door step.

Thanks to the online shopping sites for helping me to beautify my nails with the varying nail products offered. “When people tell me how fabulous my nails look, I say ‘Thank You’. But inside I’m saying ‘ I know . Thanks to online shopping.’


Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post but the views are of my own.