24th December 2017

Vegan Raw Chocolate Brownie

By Jinal Gada

It’s the party time of the year. Majority of us ditch the discipline and indulge in chocolates, cakes and stuff thinking we shall start again with the new year.

Some of us try hard to eat healthy but crave the cakes and other sweets.

Here I share with you one extremely healthy, quick and yummy brownie recipe.

It can be given to kids, adults, diabetic people, everyone around you. You may think I am crazy. But I am telling you the fact.

Chocolate Brownie Recipe


* 2 cups of walnuts
* Half to 3/4th cup of cocoa powder depending on how strong you want the taste
* A pick of salt
* 1.5 cups of seedless dates


Blend the walnuts, cocoa powder and salt until coarse.

Add dates little by little and blend it until you get dough like  consistency. Add in more dates if you don’t get the consistency.


Transfer it to a plate and set to a desired shape. Freeze it for an hour.


Warm it in the microwave and enjoy it with vanilla ice cream or just eat it raw.

My son enjoyed it completely. Husband loved it. I can eat 10 pieces at a time.

Go enjoy them Coz it’s a very very quick recipe.