22nd April 2020

Vegan? Why I became one? Should you too? Effects of becoming a Vegan?

By Jinal Gada

Turning vegan was my first experience with True Health, read on to know why I took the decision of tuning vegan and what effects it had?

Three years back, around April, I attended a session organised by JAMMS and conducted by SHARAN. I went to this workshop as the title said, “Weight Loss and Health Gain“.I was very happy and excited. Anything related to health & weight interests me. I signed up for it and the day to begin working on my health arrived soon. I feel this was one of the wisest decision of my life. Read further to know why?

I went for the workshop nicely dressed. The room was full of moms. I was very thrilled. Team Sharan started their workshop and it was all about Why and how meat and milk affect our  body. How we harass animals for our milk and meat.

They showed us several videos. One of them just struck me and I couldn’t stop crying. It was about a mother cow and a calf. The mother cow and the calf were separated by the people working in the milk industry, so that the mother can give milk which can be packed and fed to us and  since the calf was a male – it was sent to the slaughter house. It was not just the video but my baby and the feelings of breastfeeding that hurt me the most.

At that time, I was breastfeeding my toddler and the feeling, that what if my milk was given to somebody else and my baby would have to eat something else or just left out. That feeling & thought shook my heart. I couldn’t get through the feel for a long time.

They also shared how it is bad for our health due to hormones that the mother produces because of separation and the trauma of living in a small space. (Think how our Indian tables are)

Further on the hormone injection and chemicals that they add to the milk. do we even need it? The pus that goes in the milk because of the pumps that are attached to the mother cows breasts to extract milk. Its too gross and too sad.

To  back it up, I personally had once experimented a dairy free and gluten free diet for a month. Obviously, I knew nothing about veganism then. But it had helped me gain health and loose weight even that time. So I was actually convinced by what they were saying.

I came back home and shared what I felt and experienced at the workshop. I couldn’t get out of that feeling. I immediately thought of turning Vegan. I tried my best. I googled for recipes, experimented with it, but it was difficult to give up tea and find alternatives to many recipes. But I was determined to work on that aspect. It’s all in the mind and I wanted to do it for sure. I was looking for alternatives.

I joined the Sharan’s Health Gain Programme and they helped me learn vegan alternatives. I tuned vegan the very first day of the class. Since I was addicted to chai, I got severe head ache the first day.  I also puked the second day and felt feverish the third day but I knew that my body was detoxing and I gave my body that time. The fourth day I was normal and I never felt the need of chai or dairy products. I am so so happy with Vegan deserts and Vegan dishes which I eat guilt free. 

That was my story. A single video changed how I eat.  To back it up, I now travel a lot and see a lot of things happening even in the smallest of  villages, imagine cities and large industries. Its too painful. Its too selfish of human being to do this.

What else happened with turning vegan and whole plant based food?

  • I gained health.
  • It helped me lose around 8 kgs of weight in 6 months and a lot of inches. please note this was just natural – I ate to my hearts content.
  • I am compassionate towards animals.
  • By looks I look younger day by day, people doubt me when I tell them I am a mom of a 3.5 year old.
  • I don’t feel guilty of taking away the calf’s milk.
  • My sleep has improved. I feel fresh even with less number of hours of sleep.
  • I left eating packaged food.
  • It gives me chance to do experimentive cooking and I love it.
  • I switched to chemical free toiletries.
  • I hardly snack on snacking items my favourite snack is fruits or nuts now.

I sincerely thank Rose and Reyna from Team Sharan who helped me through the journey. Its not easy but its not difficult when you have good people around.

This is my story of gifting myself with soulful health. What’s yours?? Do share 😇😇

Now is your turn. Read on further. 

  • Are you looking to turn vegan?
  • Do you have difficulties to stay with it?
  • Are you addicted to tea but want to turn vegan?
  • Do you have diabetes, thyroid or any such hormonal problem?
  • Do you want to loose some weight and gain health?
  • Are you worried about proteins/ calcium and more?
  • Do you love animals?

If your answer to any of the above question is yes. Then you are at the right place. Leave a comment below or simply contact me and I will help you with how you can do it.

I am currently running a three day vegan challenge with over 20 participants.

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