4th December 2018

Why should you choose a plant based – soy protein over dairy or meat based protein?

By Jinal Gada

Even if you are not on a plant based diet, you must know that soy protein is the best form of protein. And why not? It contains 36% of proteins as compared to milk which is just 4% . 

 After following a plant based diet for almost a year now, I have realized a whole plant based diet is the way to go. Although I haven’t been completely on whole food but I’m trying my best. Going vegan – plant based is a spiritual journey in Itself. It happens to one only when the right time comes. 

While I simply feel right food can give you the right amount of nutrition required for the body, out fast paced life has made it difficult. I must say it’s not very hard but I know we all have our own excuses. For me a tall jar of  green smoothie does the work of protein intake every morning. I have reached a point that if I don’t take my smoothie for a day, I don’t feel nice. So you need to find your way. 

Soy is good

Many Doctors and nutritionist are suggesting soy protein these days. Nutritionist, Jigna Sheth, said that doesn’t mean you have to buy a pack of soy Protein powder. You can give the benefits of soy protein simply by mixing it in other food. 

  1. Soy milk

We love our chocolate milk shake in soy milk. Mind you it is toddler approved. No! it doesn’t give that beanie taste.

  1. Have your tofu’s 

We add it to our sabji, make parathas and sauté some with veggies too. It’s yumm. Even the sandwiches with tofu taste too good. 

  1. Mix soy with other things

Mix soy flour with the regular wheat flour, jowar flour or any other flour. You won’t get the beanie taste and enjoy your food as normal but benefit with the protein. 

If you have more ways share it with me in the comments below. Would love to try your recipes. 

Why should you have soy protein over dairy or meat based protein?  

  1. More protein

Soy bean has 36% protein as compared to  milk which is only 4% as stated above. Would you not like more protein?

  1. High quality amino acids

Proteins are large molecules composed of one or more chains of amino acids. As compared to all other plant based – non plant based proteins, soy Protein has all the essential amino acids and hence considered high quality. 

  1. Keeps our heart healthy

Unlike, animal or dairy based protein, soy protein doesn’t have fats or cholesterol.  It significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases which keeps our heart healthy. 

  1. Weight Management 

Plant based diet in itself proves this. Soy protein is an added advantage, when you include soy in your diet, it keeps you full for longer and doesn’t let you binge. This reduces your calorie intake and helps you in managing, reducing weight. 


  1. Improves muscle health

If you have noticed your clothes becoming loose and your weight still being the same. Congratulations, it means that your fat has turned in to muscle and the weight is taken by muscle mass. Muscles take very less space and so you see inch loss. (I hope I was clear, if not leave a comment below- I will be happy to help) . Studies have shown that intake of soy protein, in adequate amounts, promotes fat loss while preserving muscle mass and supporting lean body mass gains.

  1. Sustainable way of protein intake

The most important advantage of plant based soy protein is its sustainable. It doesn’t create any waste like the diary and meat industry produces. You should read more on this. This space is too less for me to explain this. 

  1. Cruelty free

Its the most peaceful way of having your proteins. You don’t harm, kill a single animal in the process of eating soy protein. Why should you do that when you can have better ways of having protein. 


I was so happy to attend the event. This was my first event on something vegan/plant based after I turned vegan. It has been an insightful session and I learnt a lot about soy and its benefits – also cleared some myths about soy. 

If you think this was helpful to you, please share and help others too.